Why Our Bodies Need Minerals To Function

It’s astounding to realize that our blood plasma (26 pints in a typical adult) has a composition very similar to seawater.

As famed environmentalist Rachel Carson said in her book THE SEA AROUND US “Fish, amphibian, bird and mammal — each of us carries in our veins a salty stream, in which the elements are combined in almost the same proportions as seawater.”

Since the earliest life forms, from which we all descended, evolved in the sea could it be that seawater contains the secret to life itself?

After all, we certainly still carry this “ocean” of minerals around with us. So, just as they did for the first life forms, the components of seawater play a vital role in our lives. This confirms the mineral demands of our cells today are based on a blueprint three billion years old.

Unfortunately, scientists have never been able to recreate seawater from ‘first principles’ because of its shear complexity. We must go straight to the source to meet our bodies’ needs.

What’s So Special About Utah’s Great Salt Lake – The Source of MicroMins?

Utah’s Great Salt Lake is the oldest landlocked sea in the world. Minerals eroded from the surrounding mountains have been ‘pooling’ in it for literally billions of years. Consequently its waters are incredibly rich in minerals.

More importantly, the minerals in the Lake’s waters are in ‘ionic’ form, the smallest possible. They are so fine they are actually ‘in solution.’ These minerals also carry an electrical charge. Their minute size and this electrical charge makes them highly bio-available and incredibly easy for the human body to absorb and use.

Remarkably, they are also present in exactly the same ratios as in sea water. This is vital because our health depends on minerals being present in perfect unison to each other so their overall ‘parity’ is maintained.

Too much of a particular mineral can be just as harmful as too little. Each mineral acts on the others in a complex system of checks and balances. If the ratio of one mineral rises or falls in relation to the others, then their overall balance is disrupted and ill health results.

MICROMINS are the only ionic liquid mineral solution to contain the full spectrum of perfectly balanced minerals and trace minerals in an easy to absorb form. They are made naturally by evaporating the perfectly balanced mineral rich waters of Utah’s Great Salt Lake. You only need a few drops of this concentrated solution each day to recreate the perfect balance of minerals and trace minerals inside you that nature intended.

If you’re suffering from a mineral imbalance or deficiency MICROMINS could make an immediate improvement to your health. When taken consistently, it has also proven highly beneficial against a wide variety of degenerative diseases, which are often caused by mineral deficiencies in the first place.

The fact of the matter is that even the tiniest deficiencies or imbalances of trace minerals can and do affect our health profoundly, making all the difference between radiant good health or sickness and disease.

Take chromium for example. There is approximately 0.002g of this trace element in a body weighing 11 stones (164 lbs). To picture how little this is, imagine holding a single grain of sand in the palm of your hand. You can’t feel it. It weighs nothing and is almost swallowed by the creases in your palm.

Yet this minute amount of chromium plays a vital role in forming a substance that works with insulin to determine how the body uses its blood sugar. It also helps to metabolize fatty acids and cholesterol. Deprive the body of this one almost invisible, near weightless granule and it would become more vulnerable to diabetes, high blood pressure, arthrosclerosis (clogging of the arteries) and heart disease.

By taking a few drops of MICROMINS each day your body is guaranteed to be getting all the chromium it needs as well as every other trace mineral required to function as a single harmonious organism.

Tan Thru Swimsuits Can Give You an Incredible Full-Body Tan

Swimwear has always been popular with women come summertime. Apart from serving as ideal beach clothing, these swimsuits also show off individual tastes about fashion. One disadvantage though is the inevitable suntan lines showing up as unsightly imprints on the skin after being worn outdoors for an extended stretch of time. This is one reason why the latest tan through swimsuits spur on lots of women to anticipate the summer season with delight. Unlike standard beachwear, this product does not show evidence of tan lines after a day out in the sun.

This style of summer clothing outperforms common bathing suits. This latest advance in swim wear has perforated material with several thousand minuscule gaps that are almost impossible to notice. Now this draws more sunlight onto the person. But this thankfully leaves no undesirable marks on the flesh.

Such high-tech mesh fabric employed in the development allows rays to enter while acting like a layer of sun block lotion. Furthermore, unlike traditional bathing suits the cloth is way more resilient, tear-resistant and bleach-free. And despite appearances, the eye fails to see through the exceptionally weightless material, whether worn drenched or dry.

Another advantage comes from the cooling and moisture-free effect on your skin, especially in seriously warm weather. Looking after the fabric is also easy. This is totally washable by hand or machine, and just needs to be hung up to dry like regular laundry. But unlike laundry or ordinary swimsuits, this dries much faster because of the thousands of microscopic holes.

Needless to say, one finds the merchandise for sale in numerous designs, colors and shapes. Women wishing to show off hour-glass figures can select among bikinis or very skimpy one-piece swimsuits. The latter garments allow a person to show less skin. Either way, you get a tan over your entire body regardless how much skin you dare to bare.

The bikini styles are perfect for females seeking an even, full-body suntan. The great thing about this innovative clothing is can help safeguard the skin against harmful UV rays. These swimming fashions offer a modest sun screen effect, cooling the person while tanning simultaneously. What is more, people might not require special lotions or body oils to help getting a smooth bronze appearance.

Fashion-crazy women will be happy to know there are lots of designs and styles to select from. Most designs can be found in small to extra-large measurements, with colors that are attention-grabbing or demure, vibrant and decorative. The flower-pattern styles happen to be particularly popular since they match people with varying skin colors.

There is little doubt women will find that buying this hottest summer beachwear apparel is indeed worth it. Not just because it fits the body so well, but also because it dries quickly, never snags and leaves no surface clothing marks on the flesh. In addition there is no reason to get worried about unintentionally revealing areas of the body best left covered up. The intense contrasting and vivid color patterns in the tan through swimsuits trick a person’s eye into observing only dense fabric. So come summer, gals can confidently bronze-over everywhere, at any time.

Exercising in Water is Good For Your Entire Body – Fact Or Fiction?

Water aerobics and other water based workouts are becoming more popular all the time and everyone from individuals recovering from injuries to advanced athletes in peak condition are benefiting from this form of exercise. With so many different people benefiting from exercising in the water, it is being considered a great form of exercise for everyone and some people are even saying it is the best form of exercise. However, the issue remains whether or not this is the ideal workout that truly benefits your entire body.

My response is that it water based exercise is close to being a good for your entire body, but it does have a couple issues that keep it from providing a truly complete workout. Working out in the water is really known for being easy on your joints and helping your body recuperate from injuries, hard workouts, and other physical ailments. However, the component of the exercise that allows it to be so easy on your body is the same thing that prevents it from being a complete workout.

The element that is missing is actually the physical stress on your body that results from gravity. Exercising in water nullifies the majority of the impact from gravity, so you are exercising in a semi-weightless environment. This allows your joints to perform exercises with much less stress than when you are doing resistance training workouts on land, but it means there is less stress on your bones as well.

Having decreased stress on your bones may not sound like a bad thing, but the stress or stimulus on your bones is critical for building stronger bones. It is common knowledge that exercising can help increase your bone density (build stronger bones), but only certain types of exercise are really effective in this task. Doing activities like riding a bike may result in small improvements in a few areas of your body, but it will have relatively little impact on bone improvement throughout your entire body.

The most effective way to improve your bone density is to lift challenging weights. However, the improvements are still specific to the areas you are exercising, so if you only perform exercises for your arms and abs, you will not improve bone density much throughout the rest of your body. This is one of the many reasons why it is important to regularly perform exercises for all the major muscle groups in your body.

Since exercising in the water lowers the amount of stress on your bones, it is not very useful for improving bone density. To go one step further, if you only perform light workouts in the water, which can be very good for your joints, you could actually end up losing bone density due to a lack of stimulus on your bones. Therefore, if you do a lot of water based exercise, it is important to also include other land based activities that do put a significant amount of stress on your bones.

The lack of bone stimulus from water based exercise is the most significant issue with this form of exercise, but there is another issue with it that has more to do with the implementation than the actual benefits of the exercise. Simply put, it is more difficult to create workouts of a specific intensity or keep track of the actual work you perform in the water than it is when you exercise on land.

When exercising, there are usually ways to independently monitor and change different aspects of your training, such as when lifting weights you can track the weight, used, number of reps, speed of movement, etc., all of which affect the difficulty. With water based exercise, when you change your speed of movement, you change the difficulty of the exercise, so the difficulty can change throughout the workout and you will generally not be able to quantify the difficulty or amount of work performed during your workout.

There are some things you can do to overcome this problem, such as using a metronome to maintain a consistent speed of movement and then increase the speed of the metronome to create a more challenging workout if it is too easy. Incorporating these types of monitoring elements are critical, because gradual increases in difficulty are required to stimulate improvement. Unfortunately, many people don’t actually monitor the difficulty of their water workouts, so they often end up just going through the motions and not challenging themselves enough to improve their body.

Even with these issues, water based activity is still a great form of exercise for practically everyone, just in certain situations. Since the primary value of water workouts come from enhancing recovery or minimizing joint stress, knowing exactly how hard you are working is not always essential. On the other hand, if you want to perform a higher intensity workout for maximal strength, maximal power, etc., it’s probably better to perform a different type of exercise where you can closely monitor workout intensity to ensure you achieve the proper training stimulus.

Water based training can definitely have a place in your overall routine, but as with any form of exercise, I would avoid doing only water based activities. Some people also run into problems, because they may not have much (or any) equipment, so they can end up doing the same exercises during every workout. It is always important to keep a good level of variety with your workouts, because the more often you perform the same exercises, the less effective they are when it comes to physical improvements, calorie burning, and fat loss.

Crystal Singing Bowls Can Harmonize Your Body and Mind

In ancient times, such bowls were made of metal. Now we also have crystal singing bowls. The healing power of rock-crystal bowls is particularly notable. It is believed that rock crystal accumulates clean solar energy, which can harmonize the entire body by passing a flow of fresh energy through its cells. This energy flow affects all body organs, and especially those that are “related” to the sun: heart, plexus, back and eyes.

Crystal Singing Bowls have a unique sound, which is different from the Tibetan bowls made of metal. Depending on the size and thickness of the crystal bowl, it will make different notes. Crystal bowls are renowned worldwide for their powerful resonance and ability to tune the energy of the body at optimal frequencies.

The fact is that every cell in the body produces vibrations, and our bodies respond to other sound vibrations readily. Sound is energy, and our bodies are an interweaving of energies. The energy of sound always affects our bodies. We use sound to communicate and express our feelings and thoughts. Sound acts on the nervous system and creates vibrations in the entire body. This effect has been known for thousands of years, and ancient people often used singing and music for healing.

Theoretically, everything in the universe is in a state of vibration, including people. Modern physics has determined that the universe is composed of small particles, which are in constant motion. This continuous activity creates certain vibrations that can be measured. The human body also creates certain vibrations. Like all things in the universe, singing bowls also have their own unique vibration – it depends on their size, shape, materials and production technology. Contemporary research in physics suggests that different parts of the body resonate with different tones (notes) from singing bowls.

The powerful vibration of crystal singing bowls can pass through the body (it is easy to do for sound, as a human body is 60-80% water) and massage each cell delicately. The human body vibrates at different wavelengths, where each body part has its own frequency. Moreover, healthy organs are well-tuned, while the ill ones are in a dissonant. Singing Bowls can restore the harmonic frequencies by adjusting and stimulating the ill organs and the rest of the body. Furthermore, the sound of crystal singing bowls can restore the nervous system. Healers of antiquity also knew about the impact of music and sound on the chakras, and used it for centuries in the practice of nada yoga.

Today, you can find CDs with recorded music of crystal bowls, as well as books that provide information on how to work with each track. The sound of these bowls is enchanting, healing, soothing, clear, and airy. These magical vibrations penetrate deeply into the body, making it “plunge” into the world of the pure crystal. The clear and rich sound of these bowls make the listener feel “weightless” and “light”. Crystal singing bowls make great energy-rich music for relaxation and healing. These and similar techniques are often used in feng shui.

3 Weightless Strength Training With No Gears

While it is true that strength and resistance training is mostly done by using dumbbells, weight machines, barbells, fitness balls and resistance bands, the art of training without any gears comes as similarly effective as well. Working out doesn’t have to be highly equipped with machines and high-tech gadgets for it to be deemed effective and powerful.

The gym is the powerhouse of fitness paraphernalia but your home can also be an avenue where you can sweat out, firm up and tone down. You can do your fitness routines at your own backyard, home gym or even living room. The greatest thing about it is that you don’t need any equipment to do your training right. These 3 weightless strength training – with no gears will help you achieve the fitness targets you’ve been meaning to shoot:

1. Leg and Arm Strengthening Routines. To actually firm up and increase endurance in your thighs, lower legs, feet, triceps, biceps and shoulders, you can do the simple squatting, push-ups, leg raises and lengthened stretching.

Most of these routines are done on the floor without even holding on to any weight or dumbbell. Just secure your body accordingly and delay the position for a few minutes to gauge your endurance capacity. For instance, when you do the leg raise, you only have to lie on your back and raise your legs as high as you can and bring them down slowly.

2.Abs Strengthening Routines. The conventional crunches and inverse curls that target your upper and lower abdominal muscles, respectively, do not require any equipment to get you moving. In abs crunching, you can do the elbow-to-toe technique, twisted crunches or crunches with leg raises.

To target the lower abs, you can simply lie on the floor and place your hands on the sides. Raise your buttocks as you as you can along with your straightened legs. Thrust your legs outward as you bring them down to feel the contraction in your lower abs. Consistent execution of these floor abs routines will strengthen your abdominal muscles in a matter of time.

3.Shoulder Strengthening. Your shoulders connect your arms and your torso which are all needed in every fitness routines. For a stronger set of shoulders, you can do delayed back arm stretching which doesn’t not only target the shoulders but also the upper back. As you extend your arms toward the back and hold it for a minute or two, you can feel the contraction in your shoulder blades and upper back.

Workout doesn’t have to be equipped with machines all the time. With your own body weight, you can take advantage of the opportunity to stay in shape at the very comforts of your home.

Finding the perfect Workout Routines [http://www.workoutroutines.biz] takes time and effort. These best workout routines is a great place to start if a person is interested in flat abs. The P90X [http://www.workoutroutines.biz/p90x-extreme-home-workout.html] workout routines is also another workout that will help develop flat abs.

Extreme Weightless Circuit Training Leg Workout

Hi everyone and welcome to the extreme weightless circuit training leg workout that can be done literally anywhere! I know a lot of you out there think that the only way to build muscle and strength in your legs is by doing lifts with hundred of pounds but after you try this workout, let me know if you changed your mind.

The truth is you really don’t need a lot, if any weight, to do an effective leg workout. All you need is the right exercises and you can build legs that look and are in dramatically better shape than any number of squats will do for you. Best of all, you can do this workout almost anywhere, even at home, and its a lot safer for you as you are not putting hundreds of pounds on your back!

This is a circuit training workout and there are 4 exercises per circuit with a moderate to high rep number per exercise. Depending on your physical ability, you are going to want to perform the circuit 3 to 5 times per workout. As this is circuit training, remember you are going to want to try and take as little rest as possible between exercises and between circuits. Concentrate on breathing properly on each rep and sticking to good form. Focus on telling yourself you can do it in times of fatigue.

Extreme Weightless Circuit Training Leg Workout – Perform 3 to 5 Circuits per Workout

Exercise 1: 3 Way Lunge

5 Three Way Lunges per Leg

Exercise 2: 1 Leg Twister Squats

12 Reps on Each Leg

Exercise 3: 1 Leg Physioball Circle Curls

6 Reps Clockwise & 6 Reps Counter Clockwise per Leg

Exercise 4: Mini Box Squat Jump

10 Reps

After the first circuit your legs are going to start to feel tired, but keep it going and you will see what type of a workout it is if you complete 5 circuits. This leg workout not only works your leg muscles but also requires a lot of balance and therefore working on your balance is another benefit to this workout, witch in the end, helps you be that more athletic.

Doing this type of training and moving from one exercise to another is the best way to burn fat, build muscle and get ripped. These types of workout, over a few months can drastically change your body and get you that ripped athletic physique that graces 90% of the fitness magazines published these days.

If you want to achieve a ripped, muscular body, you need to first plan out how to do it. The essentials are a workout and nutrition plan. Workouts similar to the one presented above are great if you are trying to get that athletes body but you need variety. You need variation on tempo, rep counts, and perform and go through circuit training and non circuit training phases in order to keep your muscles guessing and never letting them adapt to your works and thus continually progressing your transformation towards that lean, athletic and ripped look.

For a free video demonstration of the exercises presented above, please follow the link: Ultimate Leg Workout

For information on a step by step 90 day workout and nutritional program used by professional athletes and celebrities and specifically designed to help you burn fat, build muscle and get you that lean, ripped, athletic look as well as get you into the best shape of your life, please follow the link: Ultimate Workout Program [http://newbodydimension.com/get-ripped/]

Body Weight Exercises For Extreme Muscle Mass

There may be weeks or an extended period of time where you are unable to go to the gym. For example, you may be traveling or have an expired gym membership and don’t have the money to pay for it. However, just because you can’t get to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t get a good workout in. The only thing you need for this new routine is yourself; your weights are now your body.

Contrary to popular belief, weightless exercises build a tremendous amount of strength and muscle mass. Now while an actual gym and weights are irreplaceable and provide the absolute best results, it should be noted that you can get a good, no let me rephrase that…a great workout with using just your body as weight resistance.

If you are a beginner, weightless exercises may be just what you need to develop your muscles before you start lifting weights. They will stimulate the major areas of your body and really prime your body to experience new growth when you actually stimulate the smaller muscles with weighted exercises.

If you are an advanced weightlifter, weightless exercises are for you too. Remember, the more you shock your muscles and keep them guessing with new workouts will mean better results; you never want your body to adapt to the same routine, especially if you are constantly working out with weights. Doing a weightless exercise routine will give you a break from weight training and add a new dimension to your training routine, providing you with a program built on muscle endurance and a new type of strength training.

Pushups can be one of the most effective total body workouts. Doing pushups will improve your size, strength, flexibility and conditioning, not to mention it is a much safer alternative to weighted exercises such as the bench press. While the bench press is wonderful for packing on mass and size, push ups will mainly provide you with an exorbitant amount of muscle endurance. Often times, you will find many people able to bench press a tremendous amount of weight but fail to rep out an adequate amount of pushups. Why is this so? There is a lack of proper muscle endurance. Believe it or not, but strength is also measured in terms of total power in several reps and not just raw power in one rep.

The actual motion of a basic pushup trains the chest, triceps and the anterior deltoids, while at the same time stretching the biceps and back. It puts virtually no stress on your joints and can be a cardiovascular workout if you push yourself to perform push ups while super-setting with other bodyweight exercises and calisthenics with minimal rest.

The key with pushups is to incorporate different kinds of pushups into one routine. You can do standard pushups, handstand pushups, pushups with your feet elevated, knee pushups, wide grip, close grip, diamonds, knuckles, claps, chest-pump, and many other types of pushups that work different areas of the chest and other muscles. Doing pushups really trains the chest and gives you one of the best pumps you could feel from a chest workout.

Now while pushups won’t really help you improve much in terms of raw power with those heavy sets on bench press, it will improve your muscular endurance which will help you to get an added rep on conventional exercises.

Pullups may be one of the hardest weightless exercise to perfect. In this case, I can almost guarantee you will find people in the gym who can do amazing feats with the lat pulldown machine (which is a similar motion to the pullup) but cannot do more than 3 pullups on their own! This is because pullups require a tremendous amount of strength and muscle balance that you cannot build through weights. The lats, shoulders, biceps, forearms, and grip are all thoroughly put to the test with a good set of pullups. In addition, the serratus, pectorals and abdominals also share the work. Doing pullups can build incredible mass on your lats (and give you a larger “wingspan”) and also build your biceps because it puts an incredible amount of stress on your biceps as well. Anyone can do the lat pulldown machine but only the truly strong can do pullups.

Dips are one of the best workouts to do for both your chest and triceps. It is a sheer compound exercise that can either put virtually all your bodyweight on your triceps or chest depending upon which way your hands and body are positioned with additional emphasis on other bodyparts. Dips are a resistance form of exercise that uses a pushing motion to achieve results.

Using your own weight is a wonderful tool to build your legs. You can perform regular squats with your arms extended out in front, jump squats, sissy squats, one legged-squats and many more. As long as you do enough of them your legs will feel a tremendous burn that will respond to the stimulation and ultimately grow.

Despite popular belief, cardio is not only beneficial for burning fat, but if done properly can actually help build muscle. Performing high intensity cardio where you switch up levels of intensity between high (sprints) and low (jogs) amounts, is the most optimally efficient way to burn fat and will actually contribute towards muscle growth as your body acts as tremendous resistance on the upper echelons of the cardiovascular activity. Ever notice why sprinters’ legs are so massive. It isn’t just because they train legs in the gym, but they actually activity that they do so often in sprinting stimulates the muscles to the point where it is necessary for them to grow to become faster and more effective.

What makes these exercises so good is that you don’t need a spotter to go to absolute failure. Since these workouts are done with just your own bodyweight, you can safely go to failure without a real risk of injury. Just make sure you are always doing proper form and push yourself to the absolute max! Moreover, you can get a tremendous full body workout in if you incorporate all of these routines one after the other without any rest. Try it!

Body Weight Only Exercise Trouble Shooter – Pull Ups – Pumping New Life into Them

Pick a day any day and there is bound to be one that you just dread going to the gym on, for some it is leg day for some it is there never ending stint on the treadmill to nowhere.

However, for those of you who prefer doing body weight only workouts pull ups might just be the one exercise you dread, sure you do them, as you know that give you a fantastic workout, but you sure do not love them.

Fear not, I am going to show you two new methods of cracking them out, that will not only pump new life into pull ups, but will have you sorer-than-sore the next day.

However, as with any exercise please make sure you warm up with some arm swings and some light walking on the treadmill to get a little sweat going.

O.K. all set?

Lets go!

New pull up method number one:

First thing you need to do is perform a wide grip pull up, making sure that your upper chest touches the bar, pause for a second and then here comes the different part, from here instead of just lowering yourself you first push yourself away from the bar and then lower yourself slowly down and repeat.

It is during the lowering part of the pull up that you active and bring into play the subscapularis muscle (this muscle originates from the underside of the shoulder blade and inserts at the front of the upper arm) and trust me if you do this version of the pull up correctly this muscle will be sore the next day.

The main reason I chose this variation of the pull up is because the subscapularis muscle is part of rotator group of muscles and any thing that helps keep the rotator cuff strong is vital in my book.

The other reason is simple; the more muscles you work, the more balanced you will be and this will help decrease your chances of injury.

New pull up method number two:

This variation starts the same as the above one, once you have touched upper pecs to the bar and have paused for a count slowly lower yourself down, but do not go all the way down, go only have way.

At the half way point pause and work up to staying in this position for thirty seconds, but start with just ten seconds–once your time is up, pull yourself back up and touch your upper chest to the bar pause and lower yourself slowly down and repeat.

This method is very, brutal, but it is extremely effective and will make you very sore the next day.


Both of these variation on the typical pull up are great, but as with anything, they can be abused, so by no means think you must do these kinds of pull ups at every workout, no way, sprinkle them in every third workout just to keep your muscles off guard and growing, and you should be fine.

If you give these pull up methods an honest shot, I know you will love the results they bring!

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5 Myths About Breathing and Body Oxygenation – Prevalence – Over 90%

Myth #1. My breathing is OK and I know how to breathe.

Less than 10% of people have normal breathing parameters these days. My website has a list of medical and physiological respiratory studies done during last 80 years. It is a fact that the medical norm established about a century ago is not a norm anymore. Modern people breathe about 2 times more air than we used to breathe 100 years ago. Hyperventilation results in tissue hypoxia and many other biochemical abnormalities (read Myth #3 below). Your breathing is normal, if and only if you can easily hold your breath for at least 40 s after usual exhalation and with no stress at the end of the test. This test reflects body oxygen stores.

Myth #2. More breathing (deeper and bigger) means better body oxygenation.

There is zero scientific evidence about this deep breathing myth, but hundreds of published studies have clearly shown that hyperventilation (or breathing more than the tiny medical norm) reduces oxygen supply to the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, and all other vital organs. Hence, it is only on screens of TVs and in real life, uneducated people say, “Take a deep breath, get more oxygen”, or “Breathe deeper for better oxygenation”, etc. Why breathing less is advantageous for tissue oxygenation is connected with the next myth.

Myth #3. CO2 is a poisonous or toxic gas and a waste product to get rid off.

When a healthy person tries to hyperventilate or is forced to breathe deeply and fast, he experiences “hypocapnia” (CO2 deficiency) in the blood and other cells. The immediate effects are: constriction of blood vessels (CO2 is a powerful vasodilator) and reduced blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain, heart and all other vital organs. This is the reason why it is to easy to faint or pass out after 2-3 minutes of forceful hyperventilation. Horses and dogs died in 15-20 minutes, when hyperventilation was forced by a suction and exhaust pump. Another CO2 effect is the suppressed Bohr law or diminished release of oxygen by the blood in the tissues due to the same hypocapnia. Apart from these phenomena, there are tens other vital functions of CO2 in the human body, but just reduced tissue oxygenation is sufficient to promote cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other chronic conditions in case of overbreathing.

Myth #4. When breathing is healthy, people feel how they breathe.

If people with normal breathing are asked what they feel about their breathing, they will testify that they feel nothing at all (as if they do not breathe). “The perfect man breathes as if he is not breathing” Lao-Tzu, circa 4th century BC. Indeed, if you have any healthy people around you and observe their breathing for 20-30 seconds, you will see and hear nothing. This is a medical fact.

Myth #5. Sick people notice if their breathing gets abnormal.

100% prevalence of hyperventilation at rest (in between more acute stages) is confirmed by over 20 published western studies on heart disease, asthma, COPD, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, epilepsy, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, and many other conditions. All these patients breathe about 2-3 times more than the norm, and usually do not complain or even notice that they breathing is heavy or too deep. Why? Because air is weightless and the main breathing muscles (diaphragm and chest) are very powerful: we can pump 25 times more air during maximum exercise (or about 150 litres of air in minute), than we require for normal breathing at rest (only about 6 l/min). People may notice that their breathing is heavy during heart attacks, stroke, asthma attacks, or morning hyperventilation (between 4 and 7 am), when chronically sick people are most likely to die from acute episodes triggered by hyperventilation. Breathing normalization naturally eliminates numerous chronic diseases (since they are based on tissue hypoxia) and need for medication. The Buteyko breathing method is the most known therapy to normalize one’s breathing pattern and boost body oxygenation.

More information about popular Breathing Myths and Deep Breathing Myth with links to medical research summary related to CO2 effects and uses in the human body.

Swimming Is a Cardiovascular and Aerobic Full-Body Movement Exercise With Zero Impact on the Joints

People with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can use swimming as an exercise. The joint pain caused by arthritis is minimized in water and one gains flexibility and range of motion with swimming. People living in New York City live in tight stressful circumstances with little exposure to nature,or solitude. One can find swimming a peaceful way to release of stress because it is a solitary sport. Learning to swim with correct body form and breathing technique is essential to be able to receive the benefits of swimming. The sport of swimming will also act as a mood elevator as the endorphins are released and the body eliminates toxic build up from stress. Stress and lack of circulation are the top primary causes of disease while aging. Swimming can help to alleviate depression, handle anxiety, manage moods and maintain energy levels. The healing effects of water are exhilarating, and the rhythms of swimming serve as a meditative ritual.

People suffering from diabetes can benefit from swimming’s weightless cardiovascular workout, as it helps control blood sugar levels, thereby increasing insulin efficiency and preventing complications.

Swimming is also an important skills for safety purposes for children and adults. The depth of the water has nothing to do with the danger of drowning, One must learn techniques to survive and master the medium of water. Fear of water is usually compounded by a bad experience that one had as a child, or adult or a near drowning experience, Over coming Fear and learning to swim will expand your horizon,make surfing,scuba diving,boating,fishing and outdoor swimming a wonderful refreshing summer activity. One should continue to swim throughout the Year in indoor pools, and if the water is cold just invest in a 2mm or 3mm wetsuit, or nylon full body suit. No excuses now! Swimming is a life extending activity to embrace, add swimming to your work-out repertoire.

Most importantly swimming incorrectly will not be an adequate source of exercise. It is important to invest in professional swim instruction so that you can seriously go to they pool and swim for 20 minutes straight without getting short-winded. It is important to keep your body streamlined and not to turn your neck to breath, but to use a body roll.One can also use the pool as a place to integrate land stretches into the aquatic environment.